What does forge mean?

There is a confusion in language terms between the words "forge" and "forged knife", because they do not refer to the same process in fact.
Today the term of "forged knife" applies to four different manufacturing methods, four processes with very different results in terms of mechanical properties, costs and thus the quality of the knife in question.

What is a "genuine" forged knife?

A "genuine" forged knife is a knife made out of a single piece of steel and entirely forged (blade, bolster and tang). There is no risk of it coming apart or of any foreign particles (food, etc) penetrating between the various parts of the knife. The handle is and remains the only element that is added to the rest.

What is a "false" forged knife?

Knives that actually have only one of their various parts forged are often improperly described as "forged knives".
Technical procedures today mean a forged bolster can be added to a knife. The bolster can be made separately and joined to the rest of the knife (blade and tang) by welding (welded forged bolster) or be an integral part of the knife (solid / forged bolster). In the second case the knife is made out a single piece but is not totally forged.

What about SABATIER Diamant knives?

SABATIER Diamant knives are made according to the first meaning of the word "forged" and consequently consist of a whole, single piece that is entirely forged (blade, bolster and tang). Nothing can be called "added", except for the handle of course.
SABATIER Diamant uses both the "genuine" forging processes available (forged hammered bar and the so-called traditional forged), with the choice of technique depending on the characteristics and technical requirements for the range being made.

Summary of the various types of forging:

  Forged welded bolster Solid / forged bolster Forged hammered bar So-called traditional forging
Metal part in three parts, welded together solid solid solid
Tang laminated * laminated * forged forged
Bolster forged forged forged forged
Blade laminated * laminated * forged forged
Production facilities intermediate intermediate heavy heavy
Cost low low intermediate high
Mechanical characteristics satisfactory bonnes very good very good
Blade hardness satisfactory satisfactory good to very good good to very good
Design possibilities few few great very great
* cut out of a strip of steel

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